Phytomer Body Treatments

Well-being is at the heart of the PHYTOMER body treatments. Innovative, intensely relaxing and deeply holistic, they create a relaxing atmosphere from the very first Marine Immersion Phase.

+ Firming Body Wrap €70

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: €70

A body wrap to tone and firm the skin. Ideal after weight loss or pregnancy, this treatment helps to tone the skin.

+ Leg revival Treatment €55

Duration: 40 minutes

Cost: €55

A treatment that is ideal for tired/heavy legs. After an exfoliation, a cooling mask is applied to the legs and they are wrapped. This is ideal for those suffering for fluid retention, or for those that exercise and have tight, sore legs.

+ Satin Shimmer Treatment €50

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: €50

A luxurious body exfoliation and moisturising treatment. Marine salt crystals buff away dead skins cells and an application of body milk will leave the skin silky smooth.

Body Scrubs

+ Lighten Up: Luxurious Full Body Scrub and Body Butter €65

Duration: 60 mins

Cost: €65

A full body exfoliation to exfoliate and awakens the senses leaving your skin soft and smooth. After showering, your therapist will apply a luxury body butter of your choice which will be massaged into your skin.

+ Back Scrub and Body Butter €35

Duration: 30 mins

Cost: €35

A deep exfoliation of your back with a hydrating body butter to leave your skin feeling as new.

Ideal if you have a big event coming up where your back will be on show.

+ Back Deep-cleanse (Blackhead removal with steam) €40

Duration: 40 mins

Cost: €40

A beneficial cleansing of a tough-to-reach spot, targeting a variety of skin care needs, such as clogged pores, back acne, and dehydrated skin. This treatment incorporates a deep cleansing, gentle steam to open up the pores and lift impurities, exfoliation and extractions.

The treatment concludes with the application of a hydrating body cream. This treatment is particularly fitting during bathing suit season or for those who wear low-back attire.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most common and best known type of massage. This type of massage not only promotes relaxation but can also benefit your body’s systems to enhance your overall well-being and good health.

Techniques used include a variety of stroking, gliding, kneading, cupping, wringing and vibrations to warm up the muscle tissue, releasing tension and gradually breaking up muscle knots or adhered tissues. All massages can be tailored to your needs.

+ Full Body €65

Duration: 60 mins

Cost: €65

All of your aches and pains will be massaged away in this one hour treatment of total indulgence. From head to toe all your tension and knots will disappear under the skilled fingers of our therapists. The massage will be tailored to your needs and comfort level, leaving you feeling relaxed and so much lighter you might actually float home.

+ Half Body €40

Duration: 40 mins

Cost: €40

A shorter version of the full body massage but includes massage on the back, neck and shoulders to eradicate stresses and tension.

+ Back, neck and shoulders €30

Duration: 25 mins

Cost: €30

A 25 minute back, neck and shoulder massage offers all the benefit of massage, concentrated on that troublesome area of tension, the back. The back, neck and shoulders are a common area of tension in most people, and so by focusing on this area the therapist is able to thoroughly relax those tight muscles and ease all that tension away.